Sofiya is a ...

Hello! My name is Sofiya. I'm a computer science major and a physics minor at Brandeis University. I'm a senior, expecting to graduate in May 2017.

A lot of my professional experience has been with design and web development. Lately, I've been interested in exploring the intersection between art and technology, and have been learning a lot of machine learning for my senior thesis! You can see my code samples on GitHub .

Right now, my main focus is a senior thesis on using ML techniques to generate cost effective query schedules. I'm also spending a lot of time designing Codestellation , which means I made all those phallic-shaped rockets (looking at you, Yik Yak commenter that said my rockets are phallic-shaped). I also run some tech workshops on campus as a Senior Student Partner with Microsoft.

As for on-campus jobs, I'm the web dev team lead for the Brandeis Research and Innovation Technology Team. That's a lot of fancy words just to say that my team and I help researchers by making websites. Currently, I'm working on the MakerLab Website and helping several groups on campus plan hackathons. But you can read more about that on my LinkedIn .

If those aren't enough links, and you really really want to know more, have a look at my resume . Want to contact me? Send me a message at novasofiya at gmail dot com.