so what's this all about?

A Hacka-what?

A hackathon is an opportunity to get together with awesome people who share your passion for building things and spending a weekend creating something great. That app you've been talking about making for forever? This is the perfect opportunity to sit down and get coding. At Codestellation, you'll become a space cadet and build a team of 3 to 4 other people to create something awesome over the course of 24 hours. In the event that you may have a problem with your code or any questions, there will be plenty of mentors and friendly faces that are eager to help. Along the way, we've got a bunch of cool activities planned just in case you need a break from all the hard work you've been doing. If a weekend of making new friends, coding, and partaking in all sorts of fun activities sounds like a blast to you, join us for Codestellation 2015!

When is this happening?

Strap in with us March 27-28 as approximately 200 cadets embark on a trek unlike any other, filled with coding, cool people, and more coding. We'll start registration at 6 PM on Friday and the quest will conclude by 10 PM on Saturday.

where is this happening?

Codestellation will take place at Brandeis University in the Olin-Sang Academic Complex. We'll be sending out detailed directions in an email to participants closer to the event date. Unfortunately, as this is Codestellation's first year, we won't be able to provide transportation reimbursements. However, Brandeis is right on the Boston commuter rail, making transportation from other Boston schools extremely easy.

Who can attend?

Any college student older than 18 is invited on this mission. We want to fill our spaceship with a diverse group of interesting hackers with a variety of different skills, attributes, and perspectives - after all, you don't have to be a 1337 hax0r to create something awesome! Don't got a team? We can help you find one! Just indicate on the sign-up form that you would like to be introduced to some cool cats with similar goals. New hackers are encouraged to attend; if you've been waiting for a sign to tell you that you're "good enough" to go to a hackathon, this is it!

What should I bring?

You'll definitely need to bring a laptop or some other device to code on. As this is an overnight hackathon, you might thank yourself in the morning if you bring a toothbrush and a towel to wash your face. If this is your first time hacking, consider bringing a pillow and a sleeping bag - it makes a world of a difference to be coding when you're well-rested and energized. Other than the basic necessities, we've got you covered: we'll be providing you with all the food and snacks you could eat, a super rad Codestellation t-shirt, and some hardware if that's what you're planning on working on.


Ready to blast off? Mentors and cadets can sign up below!




Mandel Forum
6:30 - 7:30 PM
Dinner #1
Mandel Forum
6:30 - 8 PM
Blast Off at the Opening Ceremony
Olin Sang 101
8 - 8:30 PM
Hacking Begins! 9 PM
Meet and Greet
Don't have a team? Find one here!
Mandel Forum
9 - 9:30 PM
Ian's Introduction to Hardware
Olin Sang 101
9:30 - 10:30 PM
Beginner iOS with Lauren
Olin Sang 101
10:30 - 11:30 PM
Midnight Snack
we'll come to you!


Mandel Forum
8 AM
3D Printing Talk by Deis 3D
Mandel G03
10 - 11 AM
Intro to GitHub with Pito
Mandel G03
11 AM - 12 PM
Mandel Forum
12 PM
Dinner #2
Mandel Forum
5 PM
Hacking Ends! 7 PM
Science Fair!
Show off what you made in front of all the cadets!*
*(not mandatory, but highly encouraged)
Olin Sang Auditorium
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Closing Ceremonies
Mandel Forum
9 PM

how to get to codestellation

For Brandeis students:

Codestellation will be taking place at Olin Sang and Mandel. Registration will occur in the Mandel Forum (the very nice big lounge in Mandel with the couches and colored lights).

For non-Brandeis students:

The easiest way to get to Brandeis from Boston is through the commuter rail. Take the Fitchburg line from North Station or Porter to Brandeis/Roberts. Once off the train, head north on South St. (uphill). Codestellation is taking place at the Olin Sang Civilization Center and Mandel Center for the Humanities - if you're on campus and you see the world's largest steps, you're there! Get to the top of the staircase and Olin Sang is the building on your left.

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