Personal Goals and Project Ideas

An in-progress list of my goals, project ideas, interests, and aspirations. Taken from Una Kravets' personal goals github repository, but adapted into blog format.

My Friends' Blogs

A blog roll, because it's 2001 and my friends want me to link to their blogs/websites.

Great Design Videos

A list of amazing design videos that have been pivotal to my understanding of design as a field, spanning design sub- and adjacent- fields such as logo design, industrial design, architecture, typography, traditional art, and many more.

Design Resources

An always-evolving and ever-updating list of online design resources and inspiration that I have collected over the years. Especially useful for people like me who have no formal design training or access to formal design training, and would like to learn more about design but don't know where to start.

Undergraduate Talks, Slides, and Writeups

A compilation of some presentations, talks, slides, writeups, and final projects that I have done over the years as a student at Brandeis. These span both group projects and solo projects for classes, and talks I have given through my job at the MakerLab and my involvement with BITMAP, our computer science club.