Personal Goals and Project Ideas

I initially got the idea for an “open sourced” personal goals list from Una Kravets’ personal goals Github repo. The idea is that open sourcing your personal goals will make you more likely to follow through on them, and putting them on GitHub allows you to version control your progress. I had forked the repository, hoping to use it to track my long-term personal goals, which I have a lot of difficulty sticking to unless I have an actionable plan to complete them. Then I realized: I already have an open-sourced repository that I use to track my progress for projects I work on. It’s this blog! So from here on out, I’m putting my personal goals in this blog post, and keeping it updated anytime something new comes up. I’ll also be using this as a list of media to consume (tech, or otherwise) and a list of my project ideas.


  • Reading more often
  • Have a current “in rotation” art project - I can’t do half an hour every day because half an hour always turns into the whole evening!

Project Ideas

  • Finish making Boston architecture images
  • A choose your own adventure game like this
  • Glitchy processing.js art - maybe with glitchy beats, too!
  • Blog improvements:
    • Finish up writing all those drafts that have been sitting around
  • Re-creating some basic photoshop tools in js (bezier curves, gaussian blur)
  • JS app to visualize MBTA trips
  • Homemade personal assistant


Online courses: