Design Resources

My sophomore year in college, I became really interested in design, and since Brandeis doesn’t offer design courses, I spent a lot of time reading articles online to learn about it. Currently, I have a bookmarks folder of all the articles I like, but I’m going to keep an updated list here so I can share it with others more easily.

I have split the list into several “types” of design, to make it easier to navigate. Favourites (AKA. 10/10 Would Recommends) are bold.

Web-Focused Design



Front End Frameworks

  • Materialize CSS – my favourite CSS framework for large projects, I use this instead of Bootstrap

  • Skeleton Framework – my choice when I need a small, responsive framework to build off from

  • Pure CSS – another responsive framework I’ve been using lately

  • Vue.js – my current favourite front-end javascript framework!

  • Unheap – javascript plugins

  • Paper.js

Web Accessibility

Graphic Design




Logos, Branding, and Product Design

Photoshop/Illustrator tutorials

Art, Urban Planning, and Architecture

Data Visualization

Misc. but cool