Using GDB and Valgrind with ROS Projects

Because how else are you supposed to track down a segfault?

Jetson Lost Password Recovery

Forgot your password to your Jetson? Here is a minimally time consuming procedure to get back in, without having to lose data, re-flash your Jetson from stock Ubuntu images, or re-configure your own software.

Retrieving Your Top Genres on Spotify

Spotify maps each artist to a genre in their API, but this information isn't readily exposed to a user. This is a simple JS app to show your most listened-to genres based on your liked tracks.

Automating Jekyll Site Deployment with Git Webhooks

You've moved your Jekyll site from GitHub Pages to your own server, but want to keep the ease of an automatic deployment that came "free of charge" with Github Pages. Introducing: a how-to guide for automating your Jekyll site deployment with webhooks!

Catch Up

Catch up with me, Sofiya, your faithful blogger, and learn about what I've been up to for the past few months.

Art with TURmites/Cellular ANTomata

Making cool glitch art with cellular automata for my artificial life class during the spring of 2016. Comes with fun example pictures and code!

Brandeis MakeMonth

The philosophy and branding behind Brandeis' MakeMonth - a month of tech talks, workshops, and events in March 2016.

Musical CSS animations

Using CSS animations for the first time to make the cute music wave animation that you see at the top of every post!